Live Shows
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BANGARANG! presents: The Weekend!
Every Friday Night at 8pm
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Franklin.

After a long five days of workin' for the man, the last thing you need are more rules. Tell your boss/parents/authority figure to SHOVE IT and start your weekend off right! Come see improv stalwarts Bangarang! do whatever the hell they wanna do, cause it's the weekend and they've earned it. Every show will be a unique treat that everyone will be talking about: different formats, potential guests and MANY surprises. You can't miss a single one! Get tickets HERE.
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JUDITH: UCB Sketch Comedy House Team
Third Wednesday of every month at 830pm
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Sunset.

Come see half-hour sketch comedy shows written by teams of UCB LA's best writers and performed by UCB LA's best performers. Maude Night is your chance to see what the funniest, smartest people in Los Angeles are creating for the stage. Get tickets HERE


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